Selected Discography

New York Counterpoint (2002)

Raschèr Saxophone Orchestra,                              Bruce Weinberger, conductor

Works by Reich, Grieg, Bach, Kastner and Denhoff- Bass Saxophone, Bis Northern Lights 5023

Eternity (2004)

Orchestra of the Royal Netherlands Airforce

Baritone Saxophone on “Pure Evil”, KLu 2003-101

Music for Theremin (2004)

Eric Ross Ensemble

Works by Eric Ross- Bass Saxophone, Ty’Ava Productions ER-106CD

Verwandlungen (2005)

Composers Portrait, Gerhard Braun

“Styx I” for Tenor Saxophone, Flautando Records 003

Prelude (2006)

Harmonie St. Caecilia Blerick, Andreas van Zoelen, conductor

Works by Liadow, Mussorgsky, Scharwenka, Petre, van Zoelen and others, Mansarda-Sintra MS04

Nederlands Blazers Ensemble (2006)

Familie Concert

Arrangements by a.o. Andreas van Zoelen


Traumwelt (2007)

Composers Portrait, Gerhard Braun

“Discorsi” for English Horn and Bass Saxophone (with Susanne van Zoelen – Lucker)                          
“Triton” for Alto Saxophone, Flautando Records 004

Zeitzeichen (2009)

Composers Portrait, Gerhard Braun

“BA-RY-TON” for Baritone Saxophone, Flautando Records 005

BEAM ME UP! (2010)

BEAM Ensemble

Songs by Daniel Johnston- Bass, Baritone Saxophone and arrangements. Also available on LP, Hazelwood, HAZ 068


Sensitive Material (2012)

BEAM featuring Markus Stockhausen, trumpet

Intuitive Music, Bass, Baritone Saxophone, Muzieklab Brabant, IGR 03

Spotlight (2013)

Musique Militaire Grand-Ducale, capt. Jean-Claude Braun, conductor

Arrangements by a.o. Andreas van Zoelen, World Wind Music WWM 500.184

Serenade (2014)

Raschèr Saxophone Orchestra, Ekhart Wycik, conductor

Works by Shostakovich, Elgar, Thomas and others- Bass Saxophone

Improbable Encounters (2014)

Composers Portrait, Joseph Klein

“Der Schönheitsmolch” for Bass Saxophone,      Innova 873


[B]ONE (2014)

Composers Portrait, Frank Crijns

“Merge” for Bass Saxophone,


Highlights Nederlands Saxofoon Festival (2014)

Adolphe Sax baritone, Dutch Saxophone Quartet / with Eddy van Dijken, piano

C-Melody / Adolphe Sax Jr. tenor / Bass Saxophone, with Martien Maas, piano (premier recording of Miklós Maros’ “Danza Profonda”)

Raschèr Saxophone Orchestra, Bass Saxophone

Fontys Saxophone Ensemble, conductor, VanDerKrieken, VDKC15001

Richard Strauss, Tone Poems 5 (2015)

SWR Sinfonieorchester Baden-Baden und Freiburg, François-Xavier Roth, conductor

Symphonia Domestica, Bass Saxophone, SWR19021CD

Saxofone, ein Kompendium (2016)

Andreas van Zoelen, C-Melody, tenor and bass saxophones (examples)

Raschèr Saxophone Quartet

War Dreams  (2017)

Raschèr Saxophone Quartet

Works by Pärt, Penderecki, Franke and others

Spektral SRL4-16149

Chor. Klang. Saxophon (2019)

Raschèr Saxophone Quartet, Stuttgarter Hymnus-Chorknaben, Rainer Johannes Homburg, cond.

Works by Bach, Pärt, Grund a.o., arrangements by Andreas van Zoelen, Rondeau ROP 6170

Was Weite Herzen Füllt (2019)

Raschèr Saxophone Quartet, Steffen Schorn, Roger Hanchel, saxophone

Works by Steffen Schorn and Roger Hanschel, Paschen Records PR190064

72 Angels, Lera Auerbach (2020)

Raschèr Saxophone Quartet, Nederlands Kamerkoor, Peter Dijkstra, conductor

Alpha Classics

Magnard, Symphonies 1 and 2 (2020)

Philharmonisches Orchester Freiburg, Fabrice Bollon, conductor

Albéric Magnard, Symphonie no. 2, Bass Saxophone, NAXOS

Nine (Birds) Here (2020)

Raschèr Saxophone Quartet, NDR Choir, Philip Amann, conductor


Les Yeux Clos (2021)

Works by Ryo Noda

DUX / Naxos

Cesar Franck, Hulda (2021)

Philharmonisches Orchester Freiburg, Fabrice Bollon

World premiere recording of the original uncut version


For Now and Forever (2021)

Andreas van Zoelen, Susanne van Zoelen – Lucker, Elliot Riley, Martien Maas

Original works for tenor saxophone


Operation (2022)

Works by Christoph Theiler

World premier recording of “Gate I” for bass saxophone and English horn. With Susanne van Zoelen-Lucker


DVD: Wonderful Town, Bernstein (2012)

Berliner Philharmoniker, Sir Simon Rattle

Bass Saxophone, Alto Saxophone

Euroarts 2052298

DVD: Tristan Keuris (2010)

“De componist met de gouden handjes” Documentary

Dutch Saxophone Quartet, Baritone Saxophone


DVD: Paradiso (2012)

“An Amsterdam Stage Affair” Documentary

with BEAM Ensemble

Zeppers Film