‘de Jan van Dijk’, uitgave mei 2024. Dutch

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I was kindly asked by the board of the ‘Jan van Dijk foundation’ to write about my lessons in composition, my work and my friendship with Dutch composer Jan van Dijk. He had a profound influence on me growing up musically.

‘Rohrblatt, 39, Heft 1, 2024 (pp. 5-14). German.

Article on the genesis of the Glazounov Concerto in Es, based on the correspondence between the composer and Sigurd Raschèr. Read document

Svensk Musik Stockholm, 2020.    More information 

New edition of Glaser’s work for solo alto saxophone based on the manuscript from 1934. 

‘Rohrblatt, 34, Heft 1, 2019 (pp. 18-24). Also published in Schott’s Das Orchester, September 2019. German.    Read article 

Multiple languages.  Read document 

Collection of articles about the 50 year anniversary of the Raschèr Saxophone Quartet.

The, online magazine: November/December 2019 & January/February 2020. English. 

‘Rohrblatt, 34, Heft 4, 2019 (pp. 162-167). German.    Read article 

Fourth article of four in the German year of the saxophone.

‘Rohrblatt, 34, Heft 3, 2019 (pp. 114-122). German.    Read article 

Third article of four in the German year of the saxophone.

‘Rohrblatt, 34, Heft 2, 2019 (pp. 67-72). German.      Read article 

Second article of four in the German year of the saxophone.  

‘Rohrblatt, 34, Heft 1, 2019 (pp. 5-10). German.  Read article 

First article of four in the German year of the saxophone. 

‘Rohrblatt, 33, Heft 1, 2018 (pp. 8-12). German.     Read article 

Full title: Ein Klanggedicht aus Elfenbein und Gold: das “Grafton” Saxophon.

‘Rohrblatt, 32, Heft 4, 2017 (pp. 155-159). German.   Read article 

‘Rohrblatt, 29, Heft 4, 2014 (pp. 173-278). German (English translation available).    Read article 

English translations of every review about Sigurd Raschèr that ever appeared in Dutch newspapers. 119 articles in total. I translated these in 2012-2013 so that the information becomes available for future research. 

Get in touch to obtain this collection for academic purposes. 

Vrije Universiteit Brussel (2021). Quad lingual/Dutch.   Download document (.zip) 

The public defense of this thesis took place June 28, 2021 in Brussels, Belgium. This publication will be made available in English in the next season.

Dutch method book for the budding saxophone player. Get in touch about availability.

PD thesis at the Brabants Conservatorium in partial fulfilment of my BA in conducting.